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The end of what seems like a decade…. December 7, 2009

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I know I have not blogged anything in quite sometime but I figured since my life is about to change completely then I should maybe update those who do not know what is going on in my life.

So on December 18th I will graduate from UGA, I know it’s about time I think I have been here for the last ten years of my life and no I will not be receiving anything more than an undergraduate degree, lol.  It has taken me longer than most because for several reasons

A.  The most honest answer I can come up with is that I am lazy and do not like taking a full load of classes, this I regret.

B.  Knee surgery and a blood clot kind of make it difficult, but that only covers one semester.

C.  I would rather travel, volunteer, or work on the other side of the country than take summer classes.

So here I am with 2 days left of classes and 3 finals and I will have a degree in psychology.  The question I am asked most about what I will do with this degree is what now?  Well I’ll tell you…I am going to sell life insurance duh!  Yes I know, not what you were expecting.  Well I went to a lot of interviews and this is what was placed in my lap.  My best friend, Jessica, works for the company and she really likes it so I accepted the job offer and this is how I see it….I’ll work it and if I hate it then when the economy picks up I’ll find a new job or go back to school.  All I want is to make some money, pay off my student debt, and get some experience.  I hope that every person I know reads this and I will never have to repeat these words again for the 100th time….wishful thinking.

So I start on the 21st which is crazy, graduate on Friday, start a job on Monday.  I am thankful that I have found a job right out of college considering many of my friends are having trouble finding jobs.

I am looking forward to graduation, I only got 10 tickets so the “guest list” is Mom, Mike, Reychel, Grandma Maxwell, Dad, Lisa, Tabby, Josh, Nanny, and Eddie.  It’s sad that I can’t invite my whole family but I guess that’s the downfall of graduating in December.  I got reservations at Depalmas for lunch for the whole group.  It should be fun.

This is my life right now, hopefully I can keep it from spiralling out of control.


sorry!!!! July 22, 2009

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Sorry it has been so long since I updated…’s the lowdown.  It’s about 21 days until I’ll be home which I’m really excited about.

150 kids went on the new christian walk last week, that’s phenomenal!

My new summer staff rock my world, they get along well, work hard, and play hard.  I am enjoying getting to know them.

But I am really tired….I’m trying to enjoy each and every day I have left here.


On the Last Leg…. July 9, 2009

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Sorry for not updating in a few days….here’s what’s been going on.  97 kids stood up for say-so which is awesome!  Many of the kids were from Athens, which was really cool but one boy in particular was really really great because his dad died recently and when he stood up he said that he had decided to stop blaming God for his Dad’s death and to have a relationship with Jesus!

I am also really bummed my summer staff are leaving on Sunday, they are an awesome group but they are all in really difficult times in their lives, I feel like they need more time away from their “real” lives to sort through their difficulties.

I have been having an awesome time here but I am ready to get home.  I will be home in about 35 days….I don’t want to rush it because I know I will regret it, I want to make the most of my last month here but I do miss my bed and my dog….and maybe my family and boyfriend, jk!  So on Saturday I get my last session of summer staff and I hope to not compare them to my other two groups, it’s really hard to do that!  One of the girls here now is staying for the rest of the summer and my summer staff, Justin, from first session is moving back up here for the rest of the summer.  He won’t be at camp but I’m sure I’ll see him a good bit.  I am really looking forward to my mom coming up and experiencing a camp for a day and then driving back to Georgia with me!  I’m not looking forward to unpacking my apt!!!


Ya’ll are awesome!!! July 4, 2009

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I got my package to day from my mom that included much needed jeans, all of mine have holes in them in uncomfortable places while sitting in a saddle, doritos….cool ranch my fav, candy galore, and like 50 awesome cards from wonderful people at home!  It definitely brightened my day!!  This week has been awesome because my friends are here from Athens!  They were supposed to go to Frontier, a yl camp in Buena Vista, but because of sickness going around there, they were offered to come here and they did!  It’s been nice having good conversations and seeing familar faces!

Yesterday since it was our day off we went on an all day ride to Cascade Falls.  It was a beautiful ride and we took lunch to the falls.  It’s about a 4ish mile trail up there and it took about 4 hours to go and come back.  It was tons of fun minus the rain on the way back….on the way back there is a longer trail but it is wider and flater so we could canter so we decided to take that one so we could get out of the rain faster.  Here are a few pics from the ride.  Also thanks again for the cards, prayers, and love!!!  I can definitely feel it!

Yesterday I had a long conversation with Matt talking about what was going on in camp and how the summer staff were doing and he was saying that I had an excellent way of dealing with people…..who knew??  Me the smartalic, sarcastic person that I am actually has a heart buried deep down somewhere?  So that was a blessing, realizing that I might actually have some sort of gift or that this job is making me more mature?  who knows but it is wonderful knowing that God is doing something in my life and not just through the work I’m doing here.  Right now we are dealing with our summer staff not really being real….they are kind of superficial with each other and not really wanting to know each other on a deeper level, so we are working on scripture regarding serving.  They all have volunteered three weeks of there time to serve Jesus and serve high schoolers but I don’t think they realize that there are here to serve one another too.  They are not the best at loving on each other, which is understandable because we are with each other for 14 + hours a day….it doesn’t exactly bring out the best in each other.  My hope is in the next week that they are together they become better friends than they are.

My shutterfly site is tagged in my links, it has all my pics on it!

About half way through the ride

Eating Lunch

Eating Lunch

me and the girl summer staff

me and the girl summer staff


Rockstars!! June 25, 2009

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My new summer staff have been amazing!  I’ve been calling them rockstars since they got here.  They work so quickly and they are always happy!  I’m excited to spend time with them for the next few weeks!  Today we took the horses swimming in the pond, everyone had a great time.  Meagan was nervous because she had never ridden bareback before….so she didn’t get her horse to go in very far, but I think she had fun anyway.

I had to start my morning by going to the doctor to get an x-ray of my knee.  On the last ride of the day I was riding this witchy horse named Zorro, she sometimes gets whims that she pretty much gives you the finger and does what she wants.  Well that happened yesterday.  I had to get off of her to pick up some things that campers had dropped and I was at the end of the line so when I got back on I was cantering to catch up to the group and I asked her to turn away from a tree that was really close in 0n the trail….well she gave me the finger and slammed my knee into the tree.  I would have just shrugged it off and dealt with it if it hadn’t been the knee that I have had surgery on and have a couple screws in.  So I went to visit the camp doctor just to see what he thought and since my knees feel completely different it was hard for him to tell if anything was wrong.  So just to be safe, he wanted me to get it x-rayed.  They put me in a stabalizer for the night and I went this morning to get it checked.  Luckily nothing is wrong  with it, which is really awesome, just some deep bruising and it’s really swollen.  I wouldn’t have been a baby about it if it had been the other knee, I’m just paranoid about the screws.  So the doc told me to take it easy for a couple days and if it doesn’t stop hurting in the next couple weeks to come back.

it’s is almost the end of week 4….next week is the half way point of camp, so far it has been amazing but I have been a little homesick.  I want to make the best of these next 6 weeks and not being just “making it through”.  I did go to the store and buy a pitcher, tea, and sugar…..that helped with the homesickness!  It’s hard to believe how fast the summer is going by!

There is also a new moose hanging around the barn….he has been named Oliver.  Oliver is a little older than Sid, the moose I’ve posted pictures of, we think maybe he’s around 5….I will try to get pictures of him up.  Everytime I’ve seen him I’ve been on a horse without my camera.  The other day both Sid and Oliver came up to the barn, Sid was leading the way like he was showing Oliver around, it was really funny!


Tomorrow’s a new day…. June 22, 2009

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After hanging out with my new summer staff all day, I have realized how blessed I am to have an amazing team….that was basically the best thing about the whole day.  I do not feel that I have been encouraged whatsoever today.  I feel that I have been attacked and it has been wearing on me all day….hence me making a post at 11:30 when I’m getting up at 4.

I feel that today was a chaotic day, we knew it was going to be a chaotic day but I do not feel that the way things were handled today were out of love….it’s sad to say, but until campers showed up around 2, I do not feel that I saw Jesus in our work today…..that may because my attitude was hindered from the start, but after talking to others that got the same end of the stick I did, it may not have been completely me.

Please pray for renewal of spirit in those who may be feeling “burnt out”….camp is a hard life, hard work, but without constant renewal you should quit now.  If you are not being encouraged daily and being filled up by the Lord then there is no way you can do this job.  Please pray for patience…..I’m told one day not to hurry, not to rush but the next I am being constantly rushed around.  Please pray for rest.  Please pray for me as I am going to address some of these issues tomorrow.


The End of Session 1 June 21, 2009

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I want to start by saying that 119 kids decided to follow Jesus this week, which is awesome!

At younglife camps there are three sessions in which work crew (high school kids) and summer staff (college kids) serve for three weeks at a time.  Third session is four weeks.  Today was the end of session one.  I am sad to see my friends leave because I have actually been with them for five weeks because the all came to help with work week and then there is a off week before camp actually starts.  I have worked with four awesome individuals, and I say individuals because they were all completely different people.  First there was Jaime, her dad is in charge of the horse program here, she has grown up around horses her entire life and is an excellent rider.  She is a ridiculously hard worker and can get frustrated when others do not work at the same pace as her.  She has a sweet heart but does not deal with crap from anyone which is a good quality when dealing with high school kids everyday….high school kids who tend to lie to you, I hope to stay close to her….I know she will be around more this summer because she lives just down the road.  Shelly came on summer staff as a friend of Jaime, she is from Texas but goes to school in Colorado with Jaime.  She is one of the most bubbly, but not obnoxious bubbly, people I have ever met.  She has a sweet spirit and I can’t wait to see what she does with her life, I know she will be good at whatever she does.  Kyle is also from Texas…..he is your classic Texan.  He knows his way around a horse pretty well and knows what hard work looks like, at 19 I’m pretty sure he has done much harder work than I ever have in my life.  He has an amazing heart for younglife and for the lord and wants to reach kids in any way possible.  Justin is also from Texas and to top it off he is an Aggie….and proud of it!  He has a very sweet heart and wants to do well at any work you ask him to do.  I  think that he brought an unusual balance to the group between work and play.  We like to call him Chatty Cathy because when groups showed up to ride he loved to talk to them, he has an excellent way of making people feel comfortable on a horse and just around him in general.  I will miss my friends very much!!

New summer staff came in today, I met 3 out of the 4….I think one girl was coming a little late.  One girl is from NC, I think, but she goes to Berry College.  It’s nice to talk to someone from Georgia, instead of all these Texans!!!  JK!  We have three girls and one boy this session and next….which should be interesting.  The girl that goes to Berry, Ali, I also staying for both sessions which is exciting!  We have discussed jogging together while she’s here.

Also this past week, my friends, Dave and Ellie, were here with campers.  It was the first time I had seen them in a while.  They are recently married and Dave is on staff in Thomas County, GA.  There was also a group from Macon here, it was very nice having friends and fellow Georgians here wishing for sweet tea with me!  I’m seriously considering driving to Denver just to get some Chick fil a sweet tea, rumor has it that it is actually sweet.  Here in Colorado sweet tea is one teaspoon to the gallon compared to our two cups to the gallon….it’s a drastic change.

Tomorrow morning we are getting up to serve the new summer staff and work crew breakfast at 7:30 am, then cleaning and training until about lunch, then worship and then the whole thing starts over for another three weeks at 2 pm when the buses start rolling in for another week of camp!

Please pray for energy and for the whooping cough to go away!!!

If this post is not grammatically correct or makes absolutely no sense it is because it’s very late and I’m half asleep!